RePost: Another Good Blog Idea | On Why I’ve Written 250 Weekend Meditation Posts–The Kitchn

Everytime I sit down to blog, I feel like I’m waiting for the good message to come pouring out of me. Something of great weight and message, that takes my readers and inspires them to do something with their lives – improve, try new, take a leap.

I’ve an avid reader of The Kitchn’s “Weekend Meditation” column, I am inspired by becoming mindful of the simple things that we do for ourselves, for others. I’d like to start using my space here to report on some of the simple pleasures and tasks in my life, in the hopes that you find your own happiness in the day-to-day.

Good luck with the small luxuries you allow yourself to enjoy today. I’m in the middle of a diet cleanse (more on that next week) and am taking pleasure that I’m doing something good for my insides. Smiling with my liver perhaps?


On Why I've Written 250 Weekend Meditation Posts

Mostly, after all that musing, I end up with the same basic message: to encourage people to notice their experiences, to pause and take it in.


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