Resolution Check: July!

Resolution Check: July

I love. Here we go 2013, watch out…you’re conquered!ResoultionProgress

1. I want arms like Evangeline Lilly. I’m back at the gym. I’m getting my weight under controls stat. I’ve been doing arm workouts sans weights while on the machine, but to be honest, I’m so elated that I have gym time I’m just happy that ANYTHING is getting worked out. With Penny, arm workouts have become somewhat natural, but also very highlighting of the fact that yes, I need to work with weights.

2. 2013 Journal – Still going strong on this. I had a few times over the month where I was sorta blech about writing, felt like I didn’t have time, that it was a chore. But most of the time, especially Mondays, I like to lay into writing and vent or report out how things went over the weekend. I notice that I like chronicling the to-dos and where-we-wents/ates of the weekend, but not necessarily how I truly felt about things. I need to expand.

3. I want to pull back out my Rosetta Stone: Italian and tackle it. Meh. That said, a friend turned me on to an amazing and FREE online tool, duolingo. Very similar to Rosetta Stone styles of learning, not only is it free! And on the interwebs. But also an ipad app. I’m so glad Pinterest got a little boring now, because Duo is where I’m spending my time. And points I can compete against friends with? Yes.

4. I want a Great Dane. Penny is in full force around the house. She’s having these four-year-old toddler moments of losing her brain when we go to concerts or the like, but otherwise, she’s been doing pretty darn well. Chewing is still an issue. Potty training is going okay, but we’ve had some set backs in the “I’m too tired to go outside right now, so I’ll pee right here” department. It’s not horrid, but it’s not fun.

5. My Photography is going to make a comeback. I did take more pics at the NOMADS function I hosted for the Young Professionals group. It’s getting me in front of people and I adore this. NOLA really provided a great back drop to practice being an artist again, hopefully you’ll enjoy these images that I’ve posted. I have a friend who’s offered an unexplained method of getting my spark back, as soon as I’ve got some free time, I think I’ll take him up on it.

6. A+: Complete! With 34 years closing in fast, I think it’s time to set some goals about things to do before I’m 40. So the current list looks something like this: Marry. Have one kid. Get a great dane. See Paris. Finish one fiction novel. Learn violin again. Learn one great song on the piano. Start one large public singalong. Write my younger years memoirs for my kid to read. See Seattle. See Scotland. Sell the hats I make on Etsy. Strut one catwalk. There’s other things, but by 40, this is doable…I hope! List hasn’t changed. I think this resolution can be marked DONE-O……okay, so I’ve added “drive a race car” in the before I’m 40 list….I think it’s necessary to try and live life fast…a little!

7. Finally, after all those things…it’s time to relax and be independent. We hit NOLA this month and I was determined to relax. I didn’t plan the trip, I just packed, closed my eyes and whisked off. Fact is, I’m not doing a great job of relaxing, I am hoping this intense summer heat will force my body into a coma of tv and lemonade.


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