RePost: Pictures from Travel: What do you Do | DIY to Try: Travel Photo Diorama — Apartment Therapy

On my upcoming trip to New York, photography will undoubtedly be the most personal souvenir I “bring” home. In fact, I’m hiring a photography student to take pictures of Mom and I went we are up there.

That said, I’m struggling with how to make these photos feel special. I can do a photo book, or frame a particular one. This DIY suggestion from Apartment Therapy made me realize that perhaps I should take the time to put something together, even for Mom as a gift?, a little different. I would love to go back and take my big trips and see what I can do for all of them, I’m continually amazed I get blessed to see these places, but have so few reminders out of where I’ve been.

What are your suggestions? How can I make something relatively simply, perhaps a collection even, and display my travel adventures?



I’ve loved dioramas since the first grade, and don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon. Here’s a project I first tried a couple of years ago, using photographs from my trips or weddings I attended as a guest. Instead of sticking the pics on Flickr or leaving them forgotten on my computer, they become 3D wooden scenes in a frame. This version is my friend and I playing “El Toro” in the middle of a bullfighting ring in Ronda, Spain. It’s totally goofy, and happily reminds me of our trip this past year.


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