The PennUltimate Day

I was blessed this past weekend with a puppy that I remembered from a few weeks prior Penn Logoto the spaying. Yep, my little melty dog of love and snuggliness has returned.

In fact, so much so I wondered for a brief moment if she was ill on Sunday. It’s hot here, HOT, and that dog loves a good fan. I have a little stand fan that I turned on full speed, and instantly wished I had a video camera.

She stood in front of it, with all her floppy eared goodness, and I watched as that dog turned her head from side to side, letting her ears fly back with the wind. Then she proceeded to set up shop in front of the fan. Laid down on her back, belly up, limbs spread to the four corners soaking every bit of windy coolness that the fan had to offer.

I even got several drifting off naps in while we watched Breaking Bad. (Seriously, this show rocks.) and when I moved to the floor, I think I even scored the best puppy hug in the world – a collapsible dog just came and threw her (extremely heavy!) paws on top of me and smashed her head underneath my hair and let out a sigh that made my heart leap.

Traipsing up the stairs later, or loping even, she meandered into her bed crate without me asking. I could have sworn she was watching late night tv with me. Then I heard light snoring. It was rather perfect.

In the morning, before all the light came creeping in, she needed to go outside. Sneaking out and letting Ralph sleep-in, she even let me pet her and love her going down the stairs. No bounding with craziness. No erratic bursts of energy. Just my Penny, being the dog she’s been, thinking she weighs 5 pounds, not 50, and knowing that she’s loved and safe in our family.


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