Eating on the Fly

I recently read this article about cooking before a trip so you can eat quickly after a trip. While this isn’t something I can suggest freezing, it’s actually a meal that we ate after a quick return home before a very heavy head hit the pillow.

Most of these ingredients can be gotten in a “quick” method – cook in microwave (rice), make the chutney way WAY head, cut the veggies before you leave even, and marinade the pork as part of a double batch from a wonderful banh mi sandwich night and defrost over the weekend on your getaway. This took 20 minutes to go from pan to plate and tasted extremely refreshing – enough to get me to unpack completely before passing out..and without a hangry tantrum.

So off you go, hit the road, get those last summer trips in under the wire. Smiles, good photos and even better memories.

Post Trip Special Fried Rice

4 T olive oil

1 green bell pepper, diced

8 green onions, diced

½ C of Raspberry Onion Jalapeno Chutney

½ lb pork loin marinated, using this recipe marinade for pork banh mi

2 c white rice, cooked

¼ c lite sodium soy sauce

2 eggs

½ c slivered almonds

In a wok or high sided large skillet, heat the oil and sauté the green onions and peppers untilt hey are soft. Add in the chutney and continue to cook until all ingredients are incorporated and soft.

Remove the pork loin from the marinade, and cut into small 1-inch cubes. Add to pan and allow to cook through.

Once they are almost done, put rice into pan and begin to fry on medium heat. Add in soy sauce and stir. Move all of this mixture off to side of the pan, leaving a small well for the eggs. Crack the eggs in and scramble them quickly, and then fold into the mixture.

Serve fried rice with slivered almonds on top.


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