RePost: | Wishing to UnPurge the Purge? | Outbox Regrets: Have You Ever Gotten Rid of Something and then Regretted It?–Apartment Therapy

Several years back, one of my resolutions was to shop less, buy less and in general be more minimal about materials in my home and conscious of what I use vs. what I think I need.

This article really talks about the gap in that resolution vs. reality.

To date, I’m happy to report that I’ve not gotten rid of anything that causes me heartache. That said, I can’t say for sure that I’ve just not discovered something I needed to have that I let go of yet. But I guess if it’s been this long, and it’s not been needed – I should be okay.

I think trying to find the balance between being minimalistic and have less material goods vs. having things that are whimsical, a little less “required” and more “just for the sake of owning it” is a hard deal to strike.  There’s satisfaction in going into my pantry, closet or wherever and not having excess to deal with in order to find what I’m searching for. Likewise, I love hitting my desk area where all my hat trims and crafting pieces that may never be desitined for a project are in their boxes, which draw out creative juices and thoughts like a Sunkist orange!

and sometimes, every now and again, I have that cashier lane impulse buy. not as much. but. well. still.



A friend of mine was over yesterday, lamenting an old wing chair she donated two moves ago. Now she has the perfect reading nook for it, and wishes she could reupholster and use it.


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