RePost: The Bench | 10 Important Things About This Photo–The Pioneer Woman

Inspired by blog entries, I thought this blog was a great idea. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, those words actually need written out – or we leave the interpretation to the viewer, rather than to the artist.

So I decided to take this favorite of mine, and bring it a little more “into the light”. Being that it’s so simple – sometimes the message gets lost from inspiration to shutter click.


1. This is in Franklin, LA near the Fire Department

2. I grafitti’d that bench with an ink pen and left a note.

3. I adore how the branches draped over everything on that river bank, it was almost as if God were making curtains for things to cozy under.

4. A block or two away from here was a grocery store that sold loquats, I bought a pound and almost ate the whole pile they were so good.

5. I made decisions about my life sitting on this bench – as odd a place as any, in the midday, in a town that I’d never been to before, but I’ve never looked back and I’m all the better for it.

6. While I sat there, for near an hour, I never saw another moving thing – car, person, or animal on the streets. Only the river flowed near me.

7.  It was in the summer, but the view to the right of me still had the city’s holiday décor for Christmas on the street lamps, it was the silvery, glittery kind that makes you nostalgic for scenes in the movie, A Christmas Story.

8. I collected a rock from beneath that bench, and it’s part of the rock collection I keep in my office today.

9. It smelled like hot. Can hot even smell? Yes. It can. It was balmy and the earthy scent of the river mixed with industrial smells that permeate this oil and gas laden area of Louisiana.

10. It marks me taking a trip by myself for the first time, taking chances and making my own choices.



10. When I went into my youngest son’s room to wake him up at 4:52 yesterday morning, he opened his eyes, then pulled the covers off of his body and sat up in bed. It was then that I noticed he was wearing a grayish-blue plaid button-down shirt. Then he swung his legs around to get out of bed and I noticed he was wearing Wrangler jeans and socks. In addition, his grayish-blue plaid button-down shirt was neatly tucked into his Wrangler jeans, and his belt was neatly fastened, the excess tucked under a beltloop.

Anyway, this was all very notable considering he usually sleeps in shorts.


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