RePost: Being Spontaneous is Sometimes Hard | How to Be Ready for Anything – Apartment Therapy

I am trying to be less of a “everything must be perfect” person, to breezy. I’ve even started letting my craft area just be a blob of wonderful hat and craft design pieces rather than a squared away spot of perfection. I learned that I liked walking up to a mish mash of things and just having a little bit of fun while making something, and not worrying so much about orderliness.

I think I could do this for some of my friends. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest always makes me swoon at perfectly outfitted fetes and how stunning all the DIY can be when set against a perfectly sterile and serene backdrop of a clean and organized house. But then again, there’s something to be said for the beautiful shots that Bon Appetit does of family tables with a mess of everything everywhere and what you tend to focus your eye on, is the food, and the camaraderie and the fun. I could stand for more doses of fun, who wouldn’t?



A couple of years ago, this would have petrified me. Is the house clean? Are the dishes done? Do I have milk for tea or the makings of lunch? Did I brush my teeth yet? But now I’m simply happy for the company and welcome my friends in with a big hello and a hug. If my apartment is messy or the refrigerator is bare, we’ll still make do. Besides, my friends know better than to expect a full spread if they’ve just dropped in. It’s the company that matters; everything else is just window-dressing.


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