Pennywise: When Pit Bulls Attack

Penn LogoI heart my dog more each week. She’s getting bigger, and thankfully, the growing pains I spoke about in the last post are showing little signs now that we’ve had a few days of meds and she’s finally looking like my little (little?) Penny Penn again.

She did learn how to get on my bed all by  herself. It’s only happened once while I was in the shower and stepped out to find her with Ralph “jumping” on the bed. WHAT!? Get off! So since then there’s not been a repeat performance, but if I ever were to let her roam free without me around, I suspect she’d find quite the nest here.

Also, I bought her a pink dress. I think it’s cute as all get out. and while she looks completely happy in this picture, she’s not the wildest about being dressed up, but she is extremely in love with getting attention – and this ensemble definitely scored her some of that.

Readers, I am going to reach out for some help this week. I have an aggressive, 308015 dressmalnourished and mistreated pit bull living in the yard behind me. Animal control has spoken to the house owners who only claim to own a small dog…not a pit bull. I’m positive the pit bull is from their yard, and may just be a weekend visitor.

However, it’s broken fence posts to come into my yard on three separate occasions. It’s gone after both of my dogs, and at one point, ran after me into my home after I left the back door open. It lunged at me, and I kept it off.

Obviously, it’s aggressive, and while I don’t think “all pit bulls” are bad — Animal Control wants me to take time stamped photos showing the dog in my yard – but by the time I protect myself and my pets, the animal has already escaped back into his yard through the hole he’s popped in three replaced fence posts now. I’ve considered sedating and taking the animal away, I’ve considered tasering it if it were to attack me, or mace, or whatever means necessary to protect myself. I have a right to a peaceful yard and home.

What are your thoughts?


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