Resolution Check: August

ResoultionProgressI love. Here we go 2013, watch out…you’re conquered!

1. I want arms like Evangeline Lilly. I want to get to the gym to take off this 8 unwanted pounds that business lunches and no gym time have gotten me. Seriously , where has my dedication gone? Any ideas for jump starting things again team?

2. 2013 Journal – I’m a writing fool. I put a little note on my desk in the morning when I type my journal – to remind myself to not only type the day to day events and things (who doesn’t love listing? ) but to also take note of emotions and to be real. To take my time, just because I want to do this project, doesn’t mean that hurrying it along will be satisfying. It’s gone to a whole new level with this reminder.

3. I want to pull back out my Rosetta Stone: Italian and tackle it. Blech. Crap and blech again. See Resolution #1 for the reason that I haven’t even done the extremely competitive Duolingo lately. Plus I got the app Memrise, which is similar and seems fun as well. Either way, complete fail this month. I’m blaming the heat.

4. I want a Great Dane. Got that – definitely. Now that the surgery is completely done and all the stitches have removed, Penny has returned as the lovable melty dog of wonderfulness. Sure, she still has moments where I see my laundry being used as toys to fling about through the house, and the occasional look of “I know I’m not supposed to be doing this”…but…for the most part, perfection.

5. My Photography is going to make a comeback. NOLA pictures up! Taking the camera out more and more. I’m pretty proud of this. I’m starting to remember what drove me so much about photography. I’m starting to see pictures again and even conjure up projects I’d like to do.

6. A+: Complete! With 34 years closing in fast, I think it’s time to set some goals about things to do before I’m 40. So the current list looks something like this: Marry. Have one kid. Get a great dane. See Paris. Finish one fiction novel. Learn violin again. Learn one great song on the piano. Start one large public singalong. Write my younger years memoirs for my kid to read. See Seattle. See Scotland. Sell the hats I make on Etsy. Strut one catwalk. There’s other things, but by 40, this is doable…I hope! List hasn’t changed. I think this resolution can be marked DONE-O……okay, so I’ve added “drive a race car” in the before I’m 40 list….I think it’s necessary to try and live life fast…a little!

7. Finally, after all those things…it’s time to relax and be independent. I’m relaxing, you can’t help but do that in triple digit heat. In fact, comatose is more like it. Kidding aside, I’ve gotten better at going with the flow a little bit, not packing things into every minute of the weekend, and even managed to watch Breaking Bad’s entire run before the final season starts. The lazy may not be best for my gym routine, but it’s definitely food for the soul.


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