My Little Penny Saver.

She’s a maniac…maniac on the floor. And she’s bounding like she’s never bound before. Sigh! Around with Ralph, with the dogs next door through the fence. WOOO here’s comes the Penny train! She’s been obedient though, making these odd noises that I can only equate to a whiny child’s “MOM! I don’t wannnna!” and still lays down anyway when told. So, at least I’ve got that going for me.

That said, I had a pretty touching moment with her over the weekend.IMG_00000554 I took her to my parents house. My Dad is a dog person. Always has been. My Mom, not so much the animal lover. I got there and Dad immediately petted Penny and she was so pleased to have someone rub and love on her. She just rested her head on his chest and made a new friend.

To be fair, we only had one childhood dog and he was small. My sister has an Australian Shepard who is mostly outside when we come. Penny is about his size already – and growing. For the most part, we’ve been a no-dog family, or very small dog at that. So you can imagine Penny peering around the entryway at my Mom. I think she was more afraid of Mom than vice versa. She came in and laid down near immediately at my feet. It was pretty amazing the entire trip. She laid and didn’t squirm around, and watched football with my Dad while I cooked dinner.

Towards the end of the evening, my Mom asked if I could take their picture together. I did. I took lots of them. It’s so warming to see my Mom not be afraid of my giant “horse dog”. Penny didn’t bite or jump, I would almost like to think she understood, and just was calm so that Mom could get used to her. When I packed her into the car for the ride home, she let Mom pet her without reaching back with her mouth. It was rather perfect. Amen for perfect moments.

When it comes to our growth spurts….my goodness have things moved up! She gained 7 lbs since the last time we checked in. Holy heck batman! I’m unsure if that has to do with us getting meds for the growing pains and she’s moving around more, eating better and in general, finding energy. I’m happy she’s not limping anymore, even without meds for over a week now, and she seems to be doing well. I’m so happy to see her when I get home, she runs to the top of the stairs to get to go outside with Ralph, but always turns around, comes right at me, and collects her daily hug first. Awh!


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