RePost: Stuck in a Stage | Brain Pickings: The Art of Thought: Graham Wallas on the Four Stages of Creativity, 1926

Being a researcher naturally, and definitely one for a career, I am always taking these stages and running through them. The true genius of the article didn’t hit me until the quote below though. It’s true, I’m usually stuck in stages on so many “problems”.

That was probably my only beef with the article – I don’t like to see things as problems. Not to sound all “Office Space” and use the word “synergy” on ya ,but I think opportunities and challenges are what make life go round. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have something mulling around in my head for my brain to feed on.

I love solving the issues that myself or friends encounter. Two heads are better than one, and my team at work and outside of it feel so good when we tackle something together!



In the daily stream of thought these four different stages constantly overlap each other as we explore different problems. An economist reading a Blue Book, a physiologist watching an experiment, or a business man going through his morning’s letters, may at the same time be “incubating” on a problem which he proposed to himself a few days ago, be accumulating knowledge in “preparation” for a second problem, and be “verifying” his conclusions on a third problem. Even in exploring the same problem, the mind may be unconsciously incubating on one aspect of it, while it is consciously employed in preparing for or verifying another aspect.


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