It’s My Party

This year for my birthday. I always plan it in my head and it never comes out this way, but I thought if I at least write it down that perhaps someone else can take my event idea and run with it. I can’t quite decide what to do and to be honest, I give up and just want to lay on the couch right now as I write this…despite that my birthday is over 5 months away, I thought I’d just put this out there now because I was inspired by Food & Wine and Bon Appetit magazine who both featured recipes for ramen this month.

I thought at first I wanted a “stick party”. and now I think I still want a stick party but with chopsticks thrown in? Ramen seems to be the “it” dish of the moment, and considering that it’s not that hard to make and seemingly easy to extend a recipe to a crowd, I thought why not. I love me a taco bar, or a baked potato bar, why not a ramen bar?

Picture26_thumb1Picture28_thumb1The starter menu could be simple. Tortellini or Fruit salad on sticks, crudites in vases. Simple items that people can mix and match and no diet can’t find something on this menu that Picture24_thumb1it can have! I have friends who are vegetarian, or gluten free or otherwise, and I want them to be able to feel right at home noshing with the rest of us! Plus, these can be broken up into stations all around the party – encouraging the mingling of the peeps!


Then there’s the main course. Oh the noodles. Who doesn’t? Seriously, it’ll be February, and soup…my friends, is my BFF.  I’m using this imagerecipe from Bon Appetit, but feel free to just grab you some packets and toppings and let your heart soar. I’m going to do this recipe to the letter, but also provide more extras such as corn, sprouts, mushrooms, chili oil, garlic oil, pickled ginger, marinated bamboo, hoisin, srichacha sauce and bacon, because. well. bacon. oh, and extra noodles. because carbs can’t carb enough.

I figured keep the theme simple, while I’m a kid at heart, I don’t need the plates to be Picture2_thumb1Superman or the cake to be over the top. How about a few vintage touches and take the games back to our Picture15_thumb1bygone years? I thought this version of twister on the lawn was great. I also love the photo booth fun, I’m seeing this everywhere, and despite the possible overkill of the idea, I can’t help it, my inner photographer wants to share the snapping with everyone.

Picture16_thumb1I loved this buffet table idea and coupled with a few glowstick enhanced balloons on the lawn, I think it Picture19_thumb1would be fun to have streamers and balloons instead of the flowers. I’m adoring the massive amount of bunting I’m seeing everywhere and thought I would make some like this to tie in all of the colors – Picture18_thumb1I’m thinking sage, maroons and mustards – wintry and fun. Something that at the end of the Picture27_thumb1eating frenzy, we can curl up with s’mores….on sticks! on sticks! get it!

But let’s not forget something very important. The cake. I still need a cake. I really debated about the thought here, cake on sticks, cake pops. But fact is, I’m a traditionalist here. Picture22_thumb1I want a cake. with candles. I found so many cute balloon-y cakes on Pinterest…you know, the site that makes you feel like you’re not doing enough ever…ever evah….and I found this, perhaps I can’t do the people, but I can do strings and Necco wafers and clouds, so watch out, I’m so excited now – since the rest of the meal is “this easy” then cake will be my piece de resistance!

See you in February, bring presents!


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