Still Solemn.

Wow. September 11th. Every year it doesn’t sting less, get remembered less, or weaken it’s memory in my brain. I remember where I was. What I was doing.

A few weeks back, I was at a soccer game, and they were opening the game with the singing of the National Anthem. I remember being in the breezeway, getting towards my seat, stopping to put my hand on my heart. What happened next shocked me.

To back up a few steps, I’m not the most patriotic American in the world. There are plenty of others around me who salute America in ways that I don’t always partake in. My heart jumps when I’m in a small town for a holiday and they ask all the Veterans from different branches to stand and play their song. It’s just teary. My dad and his dad both served in the military, but I don’t consider myself a military brat or even brought up by strict guidelines of an organized outfit. My dad just didn’t have that personality.

That said, I stopped at the soccer game…when the National Anthem started playing. Some others around me did as well, but the vast majority of people were still ordering their nachos, running up and down to get to their chairs and more shockingly, the vendors were still conducting business. The National Anthem, on average, takes one and a half to two minutes. Is it that worth it?

Later on, at another game, I was in my seat, singing the National Anthem. The stadium overlooks the city’s massive skyline. I just kept thinking what that day must have looked like. I got teary just imagining the skyline crumbling in front of me. The confusion of what to do next. What happened, or how it happened. Wasn’t I safe? Isn’t this America?

Today marks one of those days that will forever be burned into my heart. Those people who perished on this tragic day, the war that joined it and the associated events around it. My thoughts and prayers to those who are living with this memory. May you find peace today – in the simple things that surround us.


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