She’s A Travelin’ Penn

Penn LogoPenny. Penny. Penny.  So after a few trips this month, I wanted to post a little bit about traveling with and without pets. How do you feel about leaving your pet at home with a sitter? Or do you board your pet? Or is your fuzzy baby constantly with you, no matter where you are? I’ve had a few trips pop up recently and I am blessed to have one of the best pet sitters in the world. I used to locate an individual, and admittedly, it took a few interviews and try-outs to find someone I’m completely comfortable with, but now, I feel so good when I’m able to leave the house and know my babies are taken care of.

That said, there have been times I’ve boarded using a vet’s facilities for boarding, dog runs and the like, but I much prefer someone coming to the house – flipping on lights, looking like someone is home and my pets get to stay on schedule. Plus, I don’t have to have the Sunday night stay when I arrive home on Sunday – saving mIMG_00000643e money and hassle when trying to pick up my pets on my working day Monday.

What’s new in the life of Penn? Well, the growing pains are over and energy has returned non-stop. Run, run, run, go! go! go! She discovered “the ottoman” at the foot of the bed, and seems to have taken to this as her perch. I’m assuming that because she is too big to fit under the bed, curling up like a cat on this helps her cope with losing her “hiding space”. That said, she’s also figured it out to be a great bridge to getting on the FORBIDDEN bed, which she seems to love the idea of a king-size mattress, because she finally has a space her size. Her short lived moments on this paradise are nice, but I don’t want 100 more lbs of dog a few months from now taking up residency here. So off she goes.

Since the growing pains are gone, I’m definitely seeing growth spurtsimage again. She’s looking more “adult dane” every day, and her running has become more graceful. Don’t take that as perfection, she still has baby giraffe-esque moments where she can’t maneuver her way around (read: Ralph chases and she’s afraid and panics. Why. I have no idea. the 1:9 ratio of Ralph to Penny tonnage is hilarious.)

Happy travels, happy pets, and happy life with fur.


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