Happiness on the Cheap

Today I thought I’d close Friday with a little word on happiness. While I completely believe it’s easy to be happy for free, I thought this little shopping list of items that feeds my inner impulse buyer may spark a little whimsy in your day. So today, I present to you, 25-items-that-if-anything-can-bring-a-smile!

1. Bubble bath. Calgon, or Mr. Bubble, take me away!

2. Socks. Cold feet never = happy.

3. Hand crème. Luxury in small packages.

4. Mustache Drink Markers. Hahahahaha. Laughing with wine already.

5. New lipstick. Because a girl gotta feel like she’s it.

6. Head Massager. For when the thinking gets rough.

7. Slinky! Enough said.

8. A new journal always makes me happy, always.

9. Coupled with a new pen, it would send me over the moon.

10. Cracker Barrel Peg Game keeps my stomach at bay every time I go for breakfast

11. Kraft mac n cheese – oh the comfort.

12. Astronaut Ice Cream – the vintage hilarity and nostalgia

13. This crazy champagne glass

14. ….fit for this split of Champagne!!

15. A greeting card for those folks you need to say hello to!

16. A new little figure for your desk at work to smile at?

17. Wind up toys make the world go round sometimes

18. How about a USB drive with attitude…helps get you workin’

19. A place to keep pictures when you’re out and about.

20. Hit a newsstand, get a printed magazine – This is a favorite!

21. When it’s an unhappy hair day, make it happier with a hair clip!

22. A new make up bag to get you going on a road trip perhaps…

23. and a Book on itunes for once you hit the road

24. Hit the grocery store for cheap flowers and read this to make them a fun project!

25. SMILE – it’s free!

No matter the spend, happiness is free, these little things bring a smile to me. That said, find smiles in the simple things, we’re only going around this world once, time is too short here to not take part in the simple pleasures.


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