Pig Penn: Chompers Abound

Penn LogoWe’re growing growing growing. I came back from my trip and BAM! I have a huge dog. Did you know she’d be this huge? I didn’t. It’s not weigh-in week, but I’m guessing we’ve topped out 70 lbs now, and that means we’re nearing or on the half-way point for growth! Still going strong with no limping, even though I feel likeIMG_00000882 she’s just pusssssssssssshing to get off the floor sometimes. Hmm, I’ll watch that.

I need to get her out more, I’m having some internal struggle since the vet really advises around 9 months. That said, she’s just become a little….teenagery. Salt and vinegar. Or other bad words and vinegar. I mean, “Sit” has translated into whiny barks a few times as if to say “Mom, really?”…

That said, she’s still obedient and doing really well. But lately, it’s just been chewing. We’ve been through three beds and a decorator pillow! (thank goodness it was old and cheap). I think if I ran her, then she’d be more than likely to be tired and not resort to chewing on this.

She’s taking Ralph’s bed and chewing it to shreds every time she gets a hold of it….what are you thoughts America? I can’t run her to death, she’s just a puppy stage? Where might I be going a little off?

Thanks and happy puppying!


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