Pretty Penny at the Park

So this weekend I made the command decision that we’d finally go to DSCN0178the dog park. I mean, it was quick this year, but happily FALL ARRIVED. At least a blink of it, and temps below 90 and GORGEOUS sunshine just descended upon our little slice of Houston and I was ready to take big girl out for a spin in the open spaces!

NowDSCN0174, what I didn’t consider was the fact that it’d been raining DSCN0173most of the week and well…um, puddles. Big puddles. Like lakes of muddy heaven to my dog.

She loved it though. We got there and I took her off the leash and while she says wonderfully close to me, DSCN0183and does come back on command of hearing her name (even amidst a pack of other dogs), she is also magnetically drawn to stomp, drink and explore any “body of water” the color of latte.

What she could CARE LESS about though? The lake that she’s supposed DSCN0177to swim in  – the dog bone shaped, dyed blue lake that is full of fun…at least by the looks of other dogs losing their minds jumping in after tennis balls and sticks. Penny seemed interested in playing with sticks, but if they went into the blue lagoon…you could forget it.

We did have a few moments of discovery though. As in the guy who let his dog…um…well, get amorous with mine. A few times. That wasn’t okay! and then she met a mastiff who was 9 months old – which was great, because they were both large breeds…but poor Penny, she’d get submissive, and a bit like a doodle-bug – unable to get up and I wished she’d just stand up for herself a little more…you can definitely tell she doesn’t know her size.

That said, I’m so proud with how well she does with people and dogs of all sizes. Nary a snap or tooth shown for any type of animal – 2 or 4 legged. She’s sweet, and kind and was loved on by many. I was so proud to have her be my furry baby.

That said, one thing this owner walked away with was the need for a no-pull collar. She’s naturally excited and while I kept realistic expectations – i.e. she wouldn’t be taking commands that day, and I’m happy that she just came over when called – I wasn’t expecting the amount of pullling she was doing…and need some help. Her excitement could get me in a predicament some day. So for the sake of her safety and my bone structure…I’m shopping for some options – suggestions welcome!image

She IS growing. This progression shows her over time, and while the last two photos look similar, I need to start putting something in the photo to compare to. Her collar is a good start though – her tags seem to span her chest much more in the middle photo, and trust me, those muscles, are starting to take HOLD!


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