RePost: I am Such a Trendsetter | Would You Hang a Swing in Your Home? – Design*Sponge

I would die for a swing in my home. How do you feel about the walls you call your space? While I love my house, and the space that it affords me, my house is very plain. I’m like a “Desperate Housewives” or “Weeds” suburban home dweller. I don’t have much unique-ness to work with.

I might love (yes, love) a swing in my home. But then I stop and think that if I put one in, well, would it look so out of place because of how cookie cutter my home is? My parents live in a late 70s home and at one point, we had one of those half-an-egg shaped rattan numbers that recently made a comeback and that led me to (as a child) make some dents in the dry wall from my wild adventures of swinging in that chair.

That said, I would love a swing. I think it would make an excellent addition to a house, especially if made of a rich wood and still worked with the rest of the place’s look and feel while lending a little bit of whimsy. What do you think? Should I do it?



I’m not talking about front porch swings or the kind meant for children in the back yard (or the kind Samantha was into on Sex and The City). I’m talking a full-fledged “grown up” swing hung in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else it mingles with everyday ground-dwelling chairs and tables


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