Penn’s State of Mind

imageSo, if you’re lounging around the house say, and you have a big dog, perhaps like Penny, have you ever gotten sat on (ribs crushed. Hair pulled. Ouch. Omalord move, ouch.) by your Great Dane or othimageer giant breed? Because I’ve seen it happen.

It’s Saturday. The rain is falling “just so” on the windows and the weather is jusssst at that turning cooler point in the fall. Good television shows are playing. Super cozy food is bubb-bubb-bubblin’ away on the stove filling the house with super meaty smells (especially to a dog) through the house making imagea tummy growl in delight. It’s just perfect for a nap, and just as your eyelids begin to collapse with joy, a dog enters your world.

HI PENNY.image

What I learned was, and as this pictorial evidence suggests, that Penny’s place is on the floor, just in front of the left most couch seats. This is where she’s happy to twist herself up, take a nap (lips flapping softly with snoring in the wind) and chew on her bone while Ralph toddles around in front of her. Do NOT get in imageimageher way, and by all means, don’t try and join her, this is her SPACE. She made it so.

And she’s growing, like leaps and bounds of growing so she’s owning more and more of that space.


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