RePost: Gut Dumplings and My Family | Dinnertime in America: A legacy of pierogies in Arkansas – American Food Roots

When I was a kid, pierogies were a thing of special times. Only every so often my grandmother would visit and make us pierogi’s and we would visit my aunt’s house to eat them. I remember the oven light beaming over the stainless steel pot of boiling water and putting the dumplings in the pot and then immediately into butter, cottage cheese and onion afterward.

Then you’d get sick, because you ate so many.

My dad also used to get out the large yellow bowl my mom used to reserve for potato salad making and ahead we’d forge: caking the table with flour and rolling out the dough by hand. Filling it with a pot of mashed potatoes and cheese my mom would create on the stove. Later, that recipe would become my own.

I’m the first one, much like this author’s grandmother, who brought the pasta machine and KitchenAid to the equipment arsenal. It says a lot for my family, since I’m 34 and just now putting in “new technology” to our pierogi game. I’m pretty proud reading this article, knowing that I’m not the only one who’s keeping this dish alive. Both from being a Polish girl, but also …even if it sounds negative….despite the low carb diets and fat warnings. Sometimes antique food – lard and animal fat laden as it tends to be – is about more than calories and health when done in moderation. Pierogi preserves a tradition for me, and I hope to pass it to my kid one day.



When Sarah Dorey was growing up in Kansas City, Mo., the family would gather at her grandmother’s farm for “pierogi days,” forming an assembly line in the kitchen to roll dough, stir fillings and crimp the small Polish dumplings.


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