Living in the State Penn

It’s getting chillier-willier in our part of town and it’s about time we start outfitting Miss Thin Skin with her first fashions for fall. After the aftermath of trying on Halloween outfits (more on that later), I didn’t think she’d be too wild about a coat. That said, I put a blanket around her the other night before bed, I sorta felt like tucking her in, she’s gotten so big and I’m always cold (and thus, extend that need to my furry kids for whatever reason)…so well, I figured I’d start looking around for coats or sweaters to keep her warm in the winter.

clip_image002I considered this wrap around coat. But then to think of it, it’s similar to the styles of the costumes I’ve tried on her. Either she’s not a fan of Velcro, or perhaps it is just stuff that shifts around on her body. I like the bit of a hood it has, I’m figuring ears that big must get cold, no?

clip_image004So, I started to consider sweaters instead, because they’d hug her a little more and perhaps while she “learns” that clothing is cute (I HOPE!?) and well, not designed to kill her (as she appears to feel threatened by the mere presence of fabric on her skin.) I thought she may get warm. I’m not gonna lie, this sweater is hella cute, but I can’t afford $90 on a cashmere sweater for me, much less my horse dog who may rip it up on the first try of me trying to wrangle her into it “just to see” if this is the one.

clip_image006That said, I went for a more frugal place, the mass producing love of Petco and found this cute little hipster sweater. It’s definitely more in my price range, perhaps at the cost of being more fashionable and unique, but it’s cute and I think it’ll get the job done. With her still growing, I’m hesitant to spend boo-coo bucks on anything until she’s fully popped out and I know all the dimensions..and obvious fashion preferences…of my animal.

Do you do anything for your animal in winter? Other than keeping her inside and warm with puppy cocoa (I’m kidding! But do they make that?) how do you keep your furry friends fabulously unfrozen?


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