Eating at My Desk – A Tribute to Bon Appetit

Each Month Bon Appetit does a great feature called “Back of the Napkin”. What I love is that it’s usually a celebrity with some of their own favorites or cute sketches about food. I decided I would do my own take on it and share with you one of my usual lunches at my desk.

I work out during my lunch break, so usually I am found hurling salad into my mouth while maintaining a steady stream of email responses and requests. I am usually famished, and because I’m still on the weight loss train, this low-carb, high-fiber meal fits into my diet. The salsa, I continue to hold, is the special trick of my diet – it’s plain salsa from a cup – which I like to think is like gazpacho and increases my metabolic rate with hits of spicy peppers. (True? I have no idea…but good mental coaching at least!)



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