RePost: Let Soup Season Commence | 5 Clay Pots we Love for Soup – The Kitchn

Personally, I just got acquainted with the very classic 4.5qt standard enameled cast iron dutch oven. I picked up one for $40 at my local grocery store, and while it looks very much like the coveted Le Creuset (winning lottery ticket please), I’m sure there are some things that the expensive French counterpart offers my American generic version. But for now, my little pot that could, can.

I adore the heat distribution and how wells things “don’t burn” but caramelize and sauté and come out to perfection. I love being able to walk away from it. That said, I’ve not tried a clay pot, I have done a tagine, and I think that this method could be a fun twist on my stand-by. Anyone tried this method? Have a particular pot that they love?



Clay pot cooking has made a comeback in recent years. Besides being lovely to look at, clay pots are cheaper than enameled cast iron pots, can go from the oven to the stovetop to the table, work with everything from beans to hearty soups and stews, and have a few other unexpected benefits. Do you have one?


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