Things I’m Jonesin’ For: October

Well happy finally-fall-weather-is-here! It’s the time of pumpkin flavored everything, Renaissance and every other type of festivals, crunchier leaves, drizzlier days and quite frankly cozy sweaters and electric throw blankets.

clip_image001Let me be the first to say that I still love plaid. And who’s not excited that a slight grunge revivial has hit the racks. I adore, ADORE, Alexander McQueen, who in my opinion has stayed true to the rock and roll fashion gods. The house brings me so much happiness when I see a dress like this.


I hate to say it, but I’m still on the cutting board kick. Not only do I use plastic cutting boards for proper food safety, but I also have no major cheese and meat parties coming up that require a serving tray of this beautifulness. That said, I adore the simplicity, I like the idea that I could be cozied up on my own with a glass of wine and a nice taste of brie on this piece…rain clip_image004outside and good movie on.

These wonderfullies are now hanging in my den area. With my mom’s other vanilla mustardy crinkled curtains it just popped when I saw these amazing chevrons. I adore how airy they are in a space that is rather subdued. They let the slight amount of light in, shining like a gauzy haze. I’m yawning considering the nap I’m overdue on the cozy couch that resides up there.clip_image006

I’m usually not a diet food fan. But I am a peanut butter fan and sometimes, you can’t just not help yourself. Double negatives and all in that one. This product takes peanut butter to a different level. I can’t necessarily say up or down, but different. PB2 is an alternative peanut butter, and I have to say, for a substitute, I’m hooked. If you’re a smoothie maker, consider this your new add in!!

clip_image008Risque anyone? I bought these cheeky tights on amazon as I’ve seen a few of the garter belt styles flying about out there on magazine pages. Never to be the one to stick my neck out on fashion. LMAO. I’m such a liar there. I love coloring outside the lines. That said, I wanted to take this trend and subdue it a bit, and these basic outlined ones really fit th

So, I sorta fulfilled a dream. While in New York last clip_image009month I visited the extremely wonderful heavenly land of Tiffany. I got to surprise my Mom with a dove bracelet. But later in the week, I took myself back. I purchased this gorgeous olive branch ring. For me, I’ve needed peace lately, and I’m working on a lot of things in my life to bring me that, and this ring is a symbol for it. I’m waiting for the right moment to pop open the blue box and wear it – I feel like it should be a special quiet moment, so for now, it sits in the perfect iconic box, until I’m ready.clip_image011

And when it comes to shiny things, who doesn’t love a delicate necklace mingling with the sweaters of fall? Ever true to my love of text and quotes and then of food, this necklace was too cute to not want. Well, tons of things are that, but well, this struck me. I adore that you can customize it with anything – oh the romantic possibilities!

clip_image001[5]You may ask yourself, LA, where do you find time to shop for all of this? Well, I don’t know, but I can tell you I’m doing it cuddled underneath this amazing blanket. It’s just the perfect size for me on the couch and my ipad in hand. The low setting is perfect for not sweating yourself out of 10 pounds when underneath it…the high setting is perfect after you’ve come in from the cold and need to defrost. Heats up and cools down quickly, the detachable cord means I can hide it from dogs when I’m not using it and the only issue?…..not sharing it with Penny!


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