Beating the Bucket List: Making a CEO Cry.

imageYou’re thinking I’m one sick chick. I’m taking a little bit of a liberal spin on the bucket list because this one I didn’t necessarily write down and set out to do.

Just to Quentin Tarantino this up and put the end before the beginning, I’m not going to share their name or where I was. Just know that he’s a cool, amazing, one-heck-of-a-guy CEO.

It’s amazing when you get to work somewhere and then by chance, get asked to be on a super special change the world (at least in the company) sort of project. These are once in a lifetime chances, and I’ve been blessed with a few in my career, so even then, I wake up every morning loving what I do, because I know it makes an impact.

In particular, it’s wonderful to see and work with the culmination of people who gather when a big project is at play. It’s great when all of those players deliver 110% and are like family. I have been blessed to know this as my work family, and I continue to put those behaviors into play in my new role now.

When the project ended, and I approached the CEO. He told me something that is burned in my memory today – “You taught people what intense means.”

Maybe for some of you reading, “intense” is a four-letter word. For me it means finding a heat-seeking missile like passion to succeed and not step on toes along the way. To deliver with the best of the team’s ability the finest product to the specifications of the challenge at hand. and to forget new relationships and bonds along the way.

I am blessed with making someone so fond of me they shed a tear when I finished. I am blessed with friends I made during the process. I am blessed to have given my all, and recognized for it. It’s something I try to embed, even in the small projects, now – as appreciation and grateful attitudes are free to give, and so often not spent.


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