Like a Shiny New Penny

imagePenny Penny Penny. How I love thee. Now that the weather has turned crisp outside, she’s diving for mud puddles and paw prints are falling like leaves. (Big Fat Oak Leaves) on my rug. That’s part of owning a big dog. Anyone’s tips and tricks for making a dog STOP for a foot wash??

With that comes couch lounging. NO PENNY! NO COUCH. So instead, as I 31027 Couch...put my arm out to pet her as she walks by, she somehow (and I’ve yet to figure her ninja-like move) hooks her head under over and my arm becomes a couch extension and she lays full on my forearm and rests her hind quarters on the couch, feet touching the floor. It counts as the couch and is soon mangled about so she’s no longer on the furniture, but the sigh she lets out just as she gets into place…awh, melts me. 

31020 IMG_00001167_edit With her new found energy and better weather, we’ve been taking a lot more walks. We’ve been to the dog park and even the little park by our house lately and she’s loving the sunshine. I love how much she enjoys other dogs, especially little ones, she goes up and is so gentle telling them hello. It’s imageprecious to know she has no ideas she’s big…and….for the record…

She’s gotten big. We’re still hovering a little around 80ish pounds but growing and should be bigger soon.I honestly can’t see her “bigness”, in my world, she’s Penny – the big spotted dog that happens to be in my world.


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