5 Simple Things: November!

It’s the first Friday (oopsie) of the month – we’ll just check in on my ADHD answers.

1. Five pics from the past month – Another Saturday Night. Crusin Cruisin Cruisin. Heeeerllp Me.. Snackity Snack. Stomach Flu, Made it Through.

Another Saturday Night...Cruisin Cruisin CruisinHeeerrlllp MeSnackity SnackStomach Flu, Made it Thru

2. Five current favorite words – whether I can use them or not: Giddy. Lightbulb. Butterflies. Dinner. Anticipation.

3. Current favorite dish: Eating in my kitchen: Poulet Vallée d’Auge Eating out: Spaghetti Carbonara at Three Olives.

4. Favorite Memory this past Month: a great first date. …and Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!!

5. Current best quote: “You’re doing very well.”


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