RePost: A Houston Favorite | Mandola’s Deli–Houstonia Magazine

I adore this place. It’s quiet, it’s homey like a Pittsburgh bar. It has taps with beer, it has those old fashioned butcher cases with cellophane wrapped slices of heavenly Italian Cream cake and guess what, they cater too.

If I ever get married and he loves me so much that he can’t stand it, I need this either before the wedding, rehearsal dinner, at the wedding, or even waiting for me in the car post-wedding. You hear that fake husband man of my dreams who can’t stand loving me? (or something like that. whatever.)

Anyway, I totally digress now that I’m feeling better after migraines and possible food poisoning? or building poisoning (long story!) and well, just a bad sick day over all yesterday until dinner came which was Pho and not spaghetti, but pho was good for yesterday, and perhaps this weekend, if I can score the date, it’s spaghetti. “Spu GETT ee”

and if I don’t make it, their mama will. Visit Mandola’s Deli.


The Best Spaghetti & Meatballs in Texas. Great portions, great prices, all Mandola cooking – let’s see if you can finish a bowl. Served with our Mandola Garlic Bread


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