RePost: This kid has my attention | Preschool Tap Dancer goes Rogue–The Man Repeller

I pray that one day I meet the love of my life and we have a child. According to my mother, I was destined to be a kid like this. But then she put me in dance class…and well, let’s just say the teacher thought my energy level was….a little too high for the class. So I went to gymnastics. But given the chance, I don’t doubt that donning a tutu and rocking it out to Broadway Baby wouldn’t move me to do this same act today. at 34. shut up. whatever. It’s my life.

Enjoy, and may all your inner stage-hamminess come out.


Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 4.15.56 PM

I love nothing more than a maniac, especially when that maniac decides to go fully rogue at a ballet recital in front of an audience of adoring parents, especially especially when that maniac is an adorable pre-schooler who I can only hope will one day be the model citizen for my own child.


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