Getting Personal: LA

When we find ourselves drowning in the world around us, it’s easy to get bogged down. Some bury our heads in work, others tightly wrap the storm in a box and store it away — never addressed.  When we turn our heads to the bad things at hand and attempt to see the world through rose-colored glasses in order to cope with not knowing how to tackle, what feels like, the longest and winding-est road to inner freedom, we imprison ourselves.

Lately on the blog Design*Sponge, Grace and her team have been getting more personal in their posts. I find it very freeing to say things out loud, but also fear that putting things out into this ether of the Interwebs opens us up to risk in our professional and personal lives. For that, I applaud D*S’s goal to open up more…for me, that’s brave.

Today I was caught mid-breath in a perfect moment. I found myself smiling looking out of my sun roof, into a sun bigger than the bluest sky. Full of the music blaring from the speakers, autumn weather – at its finest – enveloping me, and giddy excitement of things bubbling up. Somehow when I exhaled from that moment, I was reminded of how wonderful life can be. How simple or complex we can make it, and how we truly are in control of how happy we are.

There are so many moments ahead in my road.  I have gone down the rabbit hole and emerged a better, stronger and more confident person than ever.  This post isn’t to laud the trials, tribulations and efforts that I have had in life. Everyone has their own mountains they’ve conquered or failed.

What I’m asking you to do, whoever you are, is to consider other’s battles. To pay it forward. To live unabashedly as the gift that you are.  Be patient, there is a plan. There is a reason for everything. Take chances, and give them. Give hope to the hopeless. To be nice, because it matters. To be good people, whatever that may mean to you. It’s so easy to say these things given the mood I’m in, but in the quest to find love and conquer the world, I will take every great moment and take it in for when life may throw me a curve ball.

I am grateful for arriving to this new “other side”. Whatever lies ahead, there is a spring in my step, and I am excited to see what unfolds.


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