Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you God and all of the powers that be that landed me here on Thanksgiving, 2013.

I am grateful for the family that sits beside me right now, where I already know the meal ahead of me is the same it has been for decades of Thanksgivings. I am grateful for the knowledge that I can depend on my mother’s turkey, and my father’s yelling at football, like I can depend on them always being there no matter what happens.

I am thankful for my little sister, who is turning 30 next year, and amazed that we’ve come so far. I am thankful for her differences and abundant talents. She’s accomplished so much, and has so much more to tackle.

I am grateful for the second families that I have. Those families of choice that continue to be a source of mum, dad, and a million siblings in my life, I am appreciative of the love you share, the circle you have opened up for me and the amazing love that you continue to outpour in my direction regardless of the situation or how long it’s been since we could finally share a meal. You are loved with a strength that I continue to grow.

I am so flipping grateful for my fuzzy kids at home. Sure, I’ve lost an electric blanket, a cook book and perhaps 1,000 pet toys this year to fun and rebellion at home, but it’s been an amazing run this year to have added Penny to the clan. Coming home and watching how much she’s grown and how well Ralph and her get along, and how much better it gets every day warms my heart. Alice, continue to be the preciously evil fuzzball you are.

For those friends in my life this year, who have lifted me up when I needed it most. I am thankful to Mattie and Maria and Charley, to the wine club, to the NOMADS, to the endless groups in between who continue to provide me a space to be myself, to ask the stupid questions without eyebrowing me and to be the best me, and help me achieve the dreams in the road I have ahead.

I am grateful for my work family. Thank you for being supportive. For the laughter and the tears and the sarcasm and the lessons learned. Thank you for letting me fall down without reminding me how bad my injured ego may have taken it. I’m appreciative of an environment that let’s me learn and doesn’t retaliate, who let’s me work to the best of my ability and cooperates as one rather than it’s parts.

For those strangers on the street, thank you for the smiles and kind acts that you gave me this year. Thank you for the odd conversations, the random compliments and the continued trust that man, for the most part, is meant to be good and loving. I appreciate you all, even those I will never see again.

For the roof over my head and everything in between the windows and doors, thank you for the comfortable nest I have come to make a home. I know these things are material, and in the grand scheme of things don’t matter, but I am grateful for a place I can call, truly, my own.

I am grateful for my health. For breathing and running and dancing and jumping and holding a big dog and a little dog and fighting a rabbit and cooking and moving in general. I am grateful for a body I can achieve my life’s dreams with and it allows me to press the limits.

I am grateful for the strength to fight the battles I have faced this year. I am grateful they are nearing an end and life is even better for what I’ve overcome. It’s nothing worth writing an article or movie over, but it’s worth everything in the world to me to be entering 2014 with a spirit that is free and happy.

I’m grateful for the man in my life. For every laugh and all the laziness, for the upcoming adventures and whatever comes next. I am grateful that we met, and for every moment that has followed since.

I am grateful for the love in my heart, the ability to have hope and the strength to carry on with the renewed energy and spirit I have. I am grateful that I have not given in to darkness, bitter emotions and the many other paths that I could have succumbed to along the way.

I am grateful. Thank you for this year.


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