Repost: Seriously Snacky |Laminated Potato Chips – Lady and Pups

There is a labor of love when you hit the kitchen and want to tackle a new recipe and make it perfectly. I’m not always the best at this, sometimes my impatience (read: hangry-ness) makes me lose sight of the pace that one should have when preparing good food well.

That said, I applaud Mandy’s efforts and her amazing writing skills (and snarky personality which I can relate to) in her quest to make these potato chips. An self-proclaimed expert myself on this salty snack, I’m impressed with both how gorgeous, and how different this particular product came out. I may just jump through hoops (with a bag of Zapps in hand to keep me charged)….to get them.



Yesterday, I spent a good deal of effort in the kitchen, not just on the usual manual labor I do driven by unknown impulses, but on trying to draw the very blurred line on practicality/doability when it comes to home-cooking, which I have slowly come to realize to having a very different definition than the general public.  Well, I suspect not having a day-job has something to do with it, but really though, what do people consider worth-the-effort when the grunt work is to be done by their own hands in their own kitchen?


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