Beating the Bucket List: San Francisco


There is no low point in San Francisco. There’s just not. It’s a metropolitan powerhouse near a beach with amazing sporting life and every corner presents a colorful array of adventures to be had.

I remember turning a corner and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. It’s nearly unreal for me and probably the one iconic thing that put San Francisco on my bucket list to begin with. It was covered in this halo of fog but the orange hue just shone out from amongst the compacted buildings that distanced me from it.

As I neared it, it just became better, and more surreal. Huge girders and twisted metal forming this ballet of strength and curves that connects San Francisco together. Riding bikes across the wind whips your face so hard that it’s hard to take in all of it’s beauty. Arriving in Sausalito afterward, and looking back, it’s hard to believe that you were there.

San Francisco as a whole, has so much to offer more than this beauty.image The Tartine Bakery nestled into the not so pretty district near the airport…home to what is now an iconic eatery. You walk into an unassuming bakery, and leave with an experience that makes bread pudding a religious affair.

Tour the Farmer’s Market and see every bright color of fruit that you never thought you saw properly. The purples and greens of grapes bursting from Napa Valley that make your eyes glare with technicolor bewilderment.

Later, go to Berkeley, to Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse. Head to the café upstairs and find yourself lost in an apple tart so perfectly baked that you wonder if perhaps you’re dreaming. Walk around the college area, soak in the amazing sun and the atmosphere and realize how wonderfully laid back life can be.

Chinatown in all of it’s smelly fish and chaotic glory, packed tight with people pressing to and fro. You can’t help but believe you’re in a distant land, experiencing a new culture, when in fact, a few blocks over the expected San Francisco cable cars ring their bells and you hop on to find your next adventure.

San Francisco is for exploring, for walking and taking in the sea breeze and foggy misty air. Zig zagging down Lombardi street and seeing the colorful birds perched on electric wires, grabbing a good (and original) Irish coffee, and by all means, the amazing banana french toast at Dot’s Diner, make this a must-visit on anyone’s list.


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