RePost: Next Year’s Homemade Gifts | How to Make Limoncello – theKitchn

I’m a huge limoncello fan after coming home from Italy. Well, it started before that when a LOVELY Italian girlfriend of mine had it mixed with a decadent cream as a digestive after a HUGE meal of gnocchi and pizza at one of Houston’s local places.

That said, I always knew you could make it, but this little picture and the lovely idea of bottling it for the holidays already has my mind stoked for next year. This year I made a truckload of jalapeno jelly and bloody mary spicy green beans, so the homemade has taken the heat (literally) right out of me. But this, this I could do and spare myself the capsaicin burnt hand slathered in a bag of yogurt all night after refusing to put on gloves for jelly making. (I know, stupid. Stupid. Stupid)….so I’m pinning this in the hopes that next year I remember it and say to myself….”Self, make the limoncello”…



It has taken me far too long to discover how amazing — and how astoundingly easy — it is to make my own limoncello. I had this hazy idea that limoncello must be a closely guarded secret kept by a sect of weathered Italian grandfathers with wooly driving caps and secretive, knowing smiles. Just me? Well, it turns out all you need to make truly incredible limoncello are some good lemons, a bottle of stiff vodka, and just a little patience.


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