So I Joined a Running Club

Whether your goal race is your first or 10th, our Gotta Run program will help get you in better condition for it. If your objective is to get in better shape, RunFIT is for you.

Ok. So that’s the tag line. And starting January 27th, I’ll be meeting Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for what’s bound to put me in shape by May for bikini season. It’s running, it’s core work and it’s time spent with “the man” doing something worthwhile. All good things.

I’ll have to modify the work outs at work now, Tuesdays and Thursdays will now be gym time and that feels good to get something out of the office as well as in the office, since well, lunch meetings never seem to happen that much any more because of my dedicated need to keep my goal weight where I am.

Plus, I’m secretly (I love how secret things get on the internet don’t you?) planning on running my first half marathon soon. I’m not sure which one. (Well, I have it narrowed down, but you can’t know either, some things are up to me, but you know I’ll be posting here right?) anyway, I digress invisible internet pals-o-mine, that I will be doing that in the 2014. So. There. I’ve put it out into the atmosphere, and now I must do it. So it is said, so it shall be done.

Anyways, wish me luck, I’ll be posting updates here in my usually “I’m running now” space every other week. Tips, tricks, tools, and toil and trouble always welcome in the comments. I know good shoes, never wear the race shirt the day of and by all means, charge your MP3 player.

Now the key is to quit being afraid of the massive amount of work and training this is going to take, suck it up and work hard. I’m so ready for this, no really, I am.


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