RePost: I Still Love this Genius | Einstein on Why We Are Alive – Brain Pickings

To create satisfaction for ourselves and other people. Even Einstein, in all of his beautiful genius, was able to weave romanticism into logic.

Here we are, the first day of my vacation and the holidays, and I am reflecting on an amazing year of transition, happiness, sadness, ups, downs and sidewayses..(not a word, but you get me.) I’m ending on such an amazingly beautiful high note that sometimes I wonder if everything I’ve experienced til now was to get me here.

So I’m asking, Mr. Einstein, “Why?”….why do I get to enjoy the happiness and bliss that I’m experiencing now? I’m doing things in my life to make others happy and all it’s doing is repaying me in full. or more than full even. Perhaps if I could just observe from that extra-human sphere the great chaos that is the human experience, I would understand my place in all of it – but for right now, I’m happy knowing my little world and the amazingly wonderful things that fill it.




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