My Rockin’ Christmas Eve Song List

imageIt’s that time of year again and well, Christmas Eve is probably being spent in matching pajamas with my mom and dad and perhaps a few calls to the family back in Pittsburgh.

There will be wine, and a good meal, and me sleeping in the room that I grew up in. I’m blessed to have the sort of family who’s lived in the same house my entire life – and every year, Christmas just sets itself in my heart when I smell the smells of what is truly my childhood home.

And there will be music. My goodness will there be music. For me, it’s either super fun swingy Christmas music where one has light up reindeer antlers on…or, the kind that gets me teary. There’s something about the closing of a year this good that makes reflection so emotional. I’m such a girl.

So here goes.

Kelly Clarkson – O Holy Night – I know she’s not the best version, but for me, there’s just something about an underdog making it that makes me happy. This is my favorite carol in the entire world, tears.every.time. (women. seriously.)

I don’t have her Christmas music, but my friends from the Cantare group here in Houston will be singing on Decmeber 17th and I’m making it out to the concert. My friend, Blair Doerge, makes me cry, every time. Seriously, if I had 1/100th of this talent…she’s, a gift. Just a gift. Her heart is as big as her voice, and her amazing-ness is absolutely endless – so grateful for friends like her.

Adeste Fideles – undoubtedly the song that comes on every year when I go and check out Christmas lights. Anything with this amazing of a symphony and well, do we need to mention The Three (flipping) Tenors?! Come on.

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas – this hits my airwaves every year, and while it’s not necessarily one that I go “LETS LISTEN TO THAT ONE!” and call it up on my iPod, it’s definitely one that gets me dancing alone in the car while nobody has to know that I like the silly song.

A few years back I was blessed enough to score amazing tickets to see the Houston Symphony’s concert of Handel’s Messiah. I adored the entire show, but obviously, The Hallelujah Chorus is absolutely stunning. This song plays in my head weekly and to see it live was a dream come true.

Another fantastic must-see of any holiday season is, of course, The Nutcracker. I’ve caught this a few times here in Houston and it still brings out the big kid in me. Who doesn’t want to be a ballerina? (Ok, you don’t? That’s cool, I do!) The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies will always be a Christmas classic on my playlist.

There will be swinging…and how can you swing without a little Chuck Berry? Run, Run Rudolph is a favorite and usually clad in fuzzy socks, mom and I are shaking it about in the kitchen either making Christmas breakfast or Christmas eve dinner. There’s some coordinating moves involved and let’s just say, we belong on television.

Nat King Cole, can it get any more beautiful? It’s classic, it’s dance-able, it’s romantic and snuggly and perfect. It can be played just about any time and makes me all fuzzy and cute feeling. I adore it with someone, in a group or alone – I remember it snowing once and staring out the back door of my house watching Ralph plod around in the flakes. It’s amazing, The Christmas Song, and it just kicks off and closes the season for me.

It’s catchy, it will be in your head forever, nobody on Earth can sing this fast and/or know all of the words. But I adore it, and more often than not it’s what’s playing in my head to keep my pace during the frantic last days of Christmas shopping – I present to you – Carol of the Bells!

Actually, it can get a little more rockin…Jon Bon Jovi, and being a kid of the 90s…thank you for the romantic tune that I know will be playing this year over…and over…..and well, over. Please Come Home for Christmas was always a teen angst and romantic favorite…for the flannel wearing girl inside of me.

John Lennon and the Beatles will always have a place in my heart. Always always. I didn’t know what this song was about as a kid, and as I grew the irony and watching history repeat itself only brings it closer to home – especially having friends who defend our country. It’s a bit of a controversial one, but I still adore Happy Xmas (War is Over)

So there you go…a smattering of hits to play – some new and old, and something for everyone (I hope!)…enjoy your amazing evening before Christmas, get to bed, and wait for Santa. All the best for an amazing day.


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