Resolution Check: How I Did and 2014

I love. Here we go 2013, watch out…you’re conquered!

1. B- : I want arms like Evangeline Lilly. Hahahhaaha. Okay, so my new running resolution below may just help this. But let’s just say, Evangeline, I’ve got nothing on you. But that said, I 5 lbs below my normal goal weight, I have abs, and my shoulders look pretty darn nice. I’m giving myself a fair grade on this one, I feel like I like my reflection more!

2. A+: 2013 Journal – I totally tackled this like a hoss. And it’s being sent off to the printer in a week so that I can bind up this year and put it on a shelf. It felt great to exhaust my emotions into typing each day. Truth be told, my journaling next year will change, as I feel like my blog and books took a little bit of a hit because of the commitment to writing a journal. So more journaling out in the open – and being brave!

3. C: I want to pull back out my Rosetta Stone: Italian and tackle it. Hmm. So there are trips in my future, and lots of ideas and plans to do…but, Italian? French? Meh. I did brush up this year and I am trying to remember how to conjugate for the sake of setting things to memory, but I only get an average grade on this, I didn’t do as I said I would.

4. A+: I want a Great Dane.Penny has come home. and I love her. and I did this and I’m rather proud of the dog that my little puppy has become. She still has a long way to grow…er…go, but she’s an indispensible part of my family now, and coming home to wailing barks and hugs is now something I never thought I’d look forward to, and it’s become such an enriching part of my life to teach an animal about her human counterparts…and what she’s taught me about unconditional love and gentle kindness is endless.

5. B+: My Photography is going to make a comeback. I made better photographs, just not as many. Perhaps I should have made a more measureable goal here. In my world it’s quality, not quantity so I think that overall, I totally knocked this out of the park. I saw a lot this year, and next year, undoubtedly, will have my eyes open to many new facets of things, so I’m reassured that many more great images and memories are going to be made and continued improvement in my work will happen.

6. A+: Complete! With 34 years closing in fast, I think it’s time to set some goals about things to do before I’m 40. So the current list looks something like this: Marry. Have one kid. Get a great dane. See Paris. Finish one fiction novel. Learn violin again. Learn one great song on the piano. Start one large public singalong. Write my younger years memoirs for my kid to read. See Seattle. See Scotland. Sell the hats I make on Etsy. Strut one catwalk. There’s other things, but by 40, this is doable…I hope! List hasn’t changed. I think this resolution can be marked DONE-O……okay, so I’ve added “drive a race car” in the before I’m 40 list….I think it’s necessary to try and live life fast…a little!

7. A-: Finally, after all those things…it’s time to relax and be independent.Not going to lie, I had some low points on this one this year. But, I’m ending on an amazing note. I’ve personally accomplished so much in realizing what I want in life, being happy with the woman that I am, and getting ready for the next stage, that I can’t help but think this was my most fulfilling resolution this year – becoming me again, and finding happiness with myself.

and, drum roll please….for 2014:

1. I will be completing a photo journal rather than a written journal next year. I’m hoping to catch a page worth of photos from each week and put them together. I thought it would be a nice twist now that I’ve completed on journal of writing plus my love of photography.

2. I will be writing however! I am a lover of poetry, more specifically – Shel Silverstein. Each week I’ll be making sure I jot a few little diddies down in my book and hopefully by the end of the year, learning how to publish them.

3. I plan on running a half marathon. It’s time that I set a goal that makes a challenge for me seem nearly unreal. I’ve already got a running group starting later in January, and a man to support the efforts, here goes for the newest kind of challenge for me…one I totally am fish out of water on…fingers crossed.

4. I will be traveling to Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower. I’ve not decided if I’m going to mix in some more Italy, but for now, I know that I’m going to say AU REVOIR to another bucket list item!

5. Speaking of French perfection, I’ll finally be scoring my first (and probably only) pair of Louboutins. I haven’t decided on the final style that I want, but I know that I will be making a day of it!

6. I will be completing my line of hats that I’ve promised for so many years now, and finally opening up my shop on Etsy – Prim and Proper Trims and Toppers.

7. I do have a crazy craft project that has been on my mind for awhile now. Make my own snow globe. I’ve not decided a theme, a recipient or anything yet, but I want to tackle this little “quick win” this year.

8. Finally, just to keep things whimsical, I’ll be completing my violin song. I want to learn at least one song well. I know that this will take some introductory learning on my behalf, and I’m prepared. I just had my violin all tuned up and fixed to perfection, now it’s time to play!


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