RePost: Why I wouldn’t mind this | 650 Square Feet Can Go A Long Way – Design*Sponge

650 square feet of space. Right now I live in 2200 square feet that sometimes overwhelms me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have closets and storage and room for the “stuff” that makes up our lives…but then there are times that I think a house like this would suit me wonderfully.

A nook where I can read my books and drink coffee. The lack of clutter and “stuff” that doesn’t define me, but does make finding that dress I was looking for difficult (note to self: resolve to clean closet) and perhaps, to have others in my personal space a little closer anyway.

Sometimes the great race to be better, have more and to feather our nest crowds out the cozy voice that says that you should live on less, enjoy life more, and embrace the minimalism and simplicity of things. I’ve been doing much simpler things lately, and I’m loving them, and will continue this through the year.



Her own apartment is only 650 square feet. It is located in the “literary block” of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. The buildings that make up the block were designed by one of the first female architects, Nelle E. Peters, in the early 1900s. The history, the location and the building’s details – arched doorways and beautiful crown moulding – were what attracted Jaclyn to the space three years ago. Now this apartment is home to her, her boyfriend Nicholas Andriani and their dog Simone. Jaclyn loves to mix styles and patterns but by keeping the color scheme neutral everything feels cohesive.


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