Beating the Bucket List: Getting my First Office

imageI got my first office the day I started Champion Technologies. My ex-coworker Matt had hired me to be Marketing Research Manager. I was given a 100-day plan, told to show up on Halloween, and was given my first key to my office.

It was on the 27th floor looking westward over the city of Houston. I was deathly afraid of looking down. It was staggering to feel that sort of height and when the wind kicked up just right, it felt like it was swaying.

I decorated the heck out of it, including my two gumball machines, slinky and well, a hug Ikea rug that was made of large red felt dots. He called me crazy for it, I adored my space…and I spent a lot of great time there doing amazing work that I am still very proud of.

Champion was one of the best teams I’ve worked on, and the people were truly amazing. I made friendships that I will have forever, and miss the talks that we used to have snuggled up in my chairs and laughing about how life turns out.

It wasn’t about having a door to shut, or a title that merited having an office key. It was about having a space to succeed and do the work that I have always wanted to do, and getting the respect and reward for the value that I brought. It meant a ton to me that Matt reached out and chose me first and only – and I will forever be grateful for his kind respect.


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