RePost: DoubleShot | Ice Cream Cocktails–Saveur

Every year at Christmas my mom and I try to make these or at least have a little cocktail hour. This year, when this post from Saveur came through, Mom noticed that for years now, we’ve missed the ability to put RediWhip (yes, foodies, I use the stuff!) on top of these delights.

Well, welcome Holidays 2014 already. I’m ready for ya. That said, since the beau has a taste for bourbon, think these delish delights from How Sweet It Is would be a nice treat for the weekend?




I typically don’t go for blender drinks, but make an exception when I’m in Wisconsin, where the after-dinner libation known as the ice cream cocktail is a cherished tradition among patrons of the Dairy State’s old-timey supper clubs. Most are amped-up versions of cream-based cocktails—the minty grasshopper (left) and the Golden Cadillac (center), tasting of anise from a dose of Galliano. Others, like the almond-flavored Pink Squirrel (right), are Wisconsin originals. A magnificent concoction of vanilla ice cream, crème liqueur, and often brandy or another spirit, the ice cream cocktail is certainly more dessert than digestif. But in uniting two postprandial pleasures—one childlike, the other grown-up—in a single glass, it hits an enduring sweet spot.


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