I’m Still Running: My New Toy


My Review of the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch

I got this great gadget for Christmas from The Boyfriend. One day he may have a name on here, but for now, we’re just gonna go with Sir LAA. Anyhows, he’s a superhero when it comes to inspiring me to run. I wanted to run a long time ago. I bought shoes, I had the gym clothes, I wanted to have a sport that I could do when I traveled and obviously, an elliptical is hard to get through customs with.

Anyhows, since we decided to meet up, date and fall in love, I decided that running was gonna finally get to be my thing. I love it. I can only run (barely) 25 minutes at a stretch, but this gadget has made my numbers geek go off the charts.

It tracks my pace, how far I went, and keeps all the history of it in both the watch itself and on a great Garmin Connect site online. I can see where my runs were, the track I ran, etc…and keep a log with goals through the year. It really speaks to watching my progress in this sport.

A week or so ago I shed a few years about my progress, feeling pressure because of my friends, I’m falling short of where they already are. (Despite some of them having been doing this for YEARS already) I’m just not a patient person and running has really been giving me a run (ha ha) for my money on working up to a goal. Half marathon this year, Full next year.

I highly suggest this watch as your go to piece. I’m not crazy technical with it, it’s easy to function and it does what I want. Pairing it with the fitbit flex I have, more on that gizmo later, I feel like I can track the full effects of my movement throughout the day.

You cannot use the Garmin as a pedometer, it’s really not made for that sort of activity. If that’s your go, then I highly suggest doing a pedometer or wristlet for activity tracking. Otherwise, Garmin’s your brand and I suggest starting with this piece to get you going. The only complaint I have to date, and I’m sure there’s a way I haven’t figured this yet, is that I don’t like that I can’t switch from the normal watch function to the running/resume run function immediately. Otherwise, this is perfect for my basic to intermediate running tracking.

Here’s to your goals for 2014 and the best of success with them!


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