RePost: Going to Try | A Year of Living Without: ZenHabits

What’s Truly Necessary is the phrase that just popped out of this for me. Simplying my life, I don’t think will ever happen. I challenge myself, ask the questions, find what’s next – it’s impossible for me to pare that down.

But less “stuff” I can do. I actually have been purging my house (and Sir LAA’s house too) and well, finding how much stockpiling one does when you’re not looking is scary.

While I won’t hold myself to being as structured as this experiment, I will be making sure that I consider every purchase, insure that it’s not frivolous, and watch where I put my time and effort – as those are valuable too.

Here’s to what I hope is an amazing year, and living easier and smarter.



It’s my way of finding out what’s truly necessary, of simplifying my life, of making room for other things.

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