Penny Update: We’ve Hit our Teen Years


Wow, it’s been awhile since we talked about the big huge spotty dog hasn’t it?

Well. She’s huger and spottier. And her attitude is unreal.

She stands as tall as my pathetically sad un-growing tree in the backyard.

IMG_00001760With wet weather comes huge wet paws. She’s managed to track crazy huge feet across the kitchen tile and straight into the carpeted IMG_00001748area. I can now faithfully say that Target-brand carpet cleaner rocks like a mother.

We recently had friends over and they brought their two amazing Australian Shepherds. We had an amazing time watching them play and gets social. It’s funny how laid back she is “Here’s my toys, take my bone, whatever”….I hate to say flighty, but it’s the only word that works.

I’m still waiting for graceful stuff to kick in, she’s still rIMG_00001740egularly bounding EVERYWHERE and hitting things with her tail, hips, head, etc…as if she just can’t get all those parts and their size coordinated.

For Christmas, my parents bought her a three foot long rawhide crook. It was absolutely amazing. Ralph went for it immediately, eschewing his own appropriately sized gift. Oh well, she let him have it. Nary a bark, I of course reappropriated the toys and while Ralph wasn’t happy, the enjoyment she had for three hours was peace for me.


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