Getting my Words Back

As relevant from my most used Pinterest board: Words to Live by… well, I suppose I’m a bit wordy. It’s evident in the work that I do, the papers I write, the fact that I blog and the idea that Sir LAA can’t take any.more.questions.

Recently I’ve had a few people, ask me where I get my….ahem…fervor for asking questions and finding answers. Or writing. Or photography. or anything self expressive.

If you know me personally, you know that I have the bad habit (or talent?) of making something that should take 5 words into 50. I chastise myself for it daily. I love, literally, anyone who can be simply put in small phrases or even singular words.

I don’t know if my blog would be so great if I were that type of person – because Lord knows if you read this with only one or two sentences, then perhaps twitter may be a smarter platform for me.

That said, for the past few years, I’ve really had a hard time getting what I want to say out on paper, and until recently, ahem love and other things, I’ve been unable to find my…solace with the words that I use.

And now, questions and words and things flow out of me as if this whole time I just needed something to give me the ability to let them out. To feel free to speak my mind without consequence of judgment. Someone told me, very boldly, without dainty emotion or agenda, to “Please Not Change. Please don’t”

and since that day, I’ve been able to type and say things in a way (even perhaps more concisely and with less questioning of my process) that allows me to finally “breathe again”

Perhaps this entire post is a bit selfish. Because I’m driven to write it solely because I have to get saying “Thank you for telling me that simple thing” out of my system. I’m probably making too big a deal of it.

But until you’ve been set free after thinking you were already free, the shock is unexpected. So.

Easily said, Thanks Person who Said That. Perhaps less words, more calm and peace were exactly the gifts I got for just knowing I could be me.


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