Things I’m Jonesin’ For: January

I know. It was totally just Christmas. Whatevs a girl always has a shopping list. Or at least I do. This year, I’m watching my spending as a large part will be on travel.

Because kids, I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. More on that later, post trip, but I thought I’d just share. Because, did I mention, I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. (is that one word or two?)

imageI recently picked up a hella cool plaid midi vintage skirt (wool like those crazy girls from Mona Lisa Smile) and I need a short sleeve grey sweater tee-top to go with it. Yet. I can’t find one. I bought my mom this one several years ago, and I LOVE It, and now I want one of my own too. Come back sweater.image

As if that wasn’t too much, then 2014 started off with a bang. As in, BANG, my black go-to high heels are dead. Rest in Pieces you thick heeled suede Steve Maddens. I miss you so. I know that I’m getting Louboutins for the birthday (and subsequently, to wear to my oil and gas gala) but I need a new pair of everyday heels for work.

imageThat said, these are just completely amazing. Nowhere to wear them. But my goodness couldn’t you go strutting in any song by Amy Winehouse somewhere in those? I know the spikes look scary, but now that I have two pairs of heels that have spikes, I’m telling you, just a little goes a long way on a statement.image

Lately with the rain we’ve been having combined with a 100-lb dog, I’ve been considering my options for a better back door mat. I was literally, sorry for the pun, stopped in my tracks when I saw this great dirt stopper mat. I wonder how good it is, with a little more shopping, I’ll see if I can’t eradicate the big stomps of mud across my kitchen floor. Anyone have any good solutions for slobber mouth!?

imageI have been told by Sir LAA that I “must” try on new running shoes. Given my complains about left ankle shin splinty like pain, and his advice about wishing he had proper running shoes before his first half marathon, I think it’s time I actually stop shopping the internet and hit a store for once. Luke’s Locker, here I come.

Meanwhile, for a better night’s rest…I need a mattress. I haven’t imageeven started to ask for reviews and help and I’m sure Consumer Reports will be involved in this purchase. Tempurpedic? Traditional? Platform? Box spring? Hard? Soft? Pillowtop? Firm? Help. I don’t even know where to begin except to start going and jumping up and down and sleeping inside stores. Right now my mattress has a nest asking me to roll to the center with it’s angles that it’s grown over the years. I love my plush foam top, and it’s marshmallowy-ness that it gives me, but it’s time for an overhaul.

imageI did pick myself up a flashlight with included tripod the other day. Since we’ve been doing so many things around the house, I figured it was high time that I got something that I could use faithfully, especially when the power goes out (which it did, and I was…well, I didn’t have working batteries, that’s totally not my fault right?)

Additionally, said breaker was off in the house, imagebecause I was hooking up my new Iris Wifi Thermostat system. I can’t say enough good things about this little diddy. With the capabilities of being a security system, thermostat and all around wifi remote lights and house automation hub, it was SUPER easy to hook up and run from my Ipad.

imageSpeaking of Ipads, is it time for an upgrade yet? What do you think of the Ipad air? I still have the Ipad 2. I’m still loving it. I have a hard time upgrading because mine still is working for me and if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Plus the sheer thought of having to download and reload and redo (I know! I know! The Cloud. whatever, I know that can’t be all it’s cracked up to be.) but I’m just not ready yet.

My birthday is around the corner and I was made aware last night that Sir knows what he’s getting me. Well, well, well, count me VERY impressed. I’m already wondering. I did receive my first birthday gift from my fabulous family of choice the other in case we miss each other at birthday time, so it’s already early in the year to be considering my 35th year. But….I’m ready for all the happiness it’s gonna bring. Bring on the cake.


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