RePost: Shopping with Sense | Practicing Mindfulness at Home: The Need-Want Equation–Design*Sponge

I have been doing a full house purge lately given that it’s January and starting the year off with less clutter always seems to make me feel like I’m doing the right thing with a full-house sweep.

Lately I’ve been booking trips and new things to go and see and do. Very little has been focused on the material goods, which is great, less for me to clean next year! But that said, in my purge, I’ve noticed that my buying is getting smarter, I’m purging less, and using more.

I’m learning to say no to projects that I know I will never do to my liking, and spending more time on the projects that I enjoy, feel good about and enrich me. Writing being one of those. Reading a close second.

Here’s a 2014 full of practical, mindful decisions about filling my home with “stuff” rather than memories.



Over the past few years, I have put these consumption equations into effect around my home. Do I really love this couch? This lamp? This coffee maker? No? Well, I suppose I can make do without a seating area, a reading light, and coffee—at least for the time being.


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