RePost: A Force to be Reckoned With | The Vision Thing–Houstonia

Christine Ha, winner of MasterChef and host of the blog wrote recently for one of Houston’s new magazines, Houstonia on her blinding and neurological disease, Neuromyelitis Optica.

Her story and candid retelling of how she copes is amazing. I’m a Houston native, so this story touched home, but definitely warms my heart, because I spent three years in grade school sitting behind Christine in my homeroom class. Her talent is beyond words and her humor is infectious.

Whatever endeavor she’s up to next, she doesn’t need luck – you just need to watch out.



When I smell shrimp and salt, I’m pretty sure I’m in Galveston.When I hear thousands of grackles squawking, I know I’m probably near Sharpstown or the Theater District. If the car I’m riding in hits potholes galore, I’ll bet I’m on Shepherd or Montrose. And always, when I taste the best bowl of pho I’ve ever had in my life—next to my mother’s, of course, and even better than in Vietnam—I know I am in my hometown of Houston.


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