imageSo, I’m turning 35. Which is like mid-30s. Well, it’s not so much “like” mid-30s as it IS mid-30s. According to Sir LAA, I’m officially old.

But I’m a cute old.

I definitely look back at 35 years, and don’t know where the time went. This is “not” where my plan was supposed to be.

But I’m not spending this year comparing to where I was supposed to be. But in fact, I’m going to celebrate how amazing I am at making a plan and not following it like “at all”.

I’m in love with a man I would have never met if it weren’t for my wonderful Mother harassing me about joining Match.com. Right now, he has no idea what an amazing effect he’s had on my life, and I could probably write novels on this – but in the spirit of respecting his skill of using 5 words instead of 50 (or 3 instead of 30), I’ll just say I’m one lucky girl and that is gift enough.

I’m in a job where losing my “super cool office” and moving back to cube has me breathing easier than ever. I have been blessed getting to work for the man who originally hired me into the oilfield, along with a group of guys who I’ve spent the greater part of the last decade with. For that, I am blessed with a work family who keep my soul at ease and allow me to do what I am good at doing – business development, marketing research and economics – and allow me to shine at doing it.

Speaking of that wild and woolly oilfield, I find myself officer to an organization I would have never met if it weren’t for me stepping out on my own and finding my way in my industry. I am the youngest and 2nd woman officer for NOMADS, a group who has undoubtedly made a network of amazing coaches and mentors and opened new doors for me to flourish.

I just celebrated a year with that crazy creature, Penny Lane, and her hairy siblings Ralph and Alice. I never fancied myself the type of person to have animals at my feet, but coming home to them makes me realize how much I want a family – and the sacrifices we make to have others in our world. I am blessed with the fuzzy hugs and wet noses and despite all the mess at times, know that this is the crazy group I love to come home to.

It is with all of the people in my life, who have stuck by me through thick and thin, that I’m making dreams happen. I am grateful for my BFFs Maria and Roger, who’s dating and life advice make me laugh until I cry – writing a book wouldn’t even do justice to this. My wonderful friend J.R. and my chicken pot pie Charley Warley who’s sage words stop me in my tracks when I need a good quote to set me straight. My wine club who keeps “en vino, veritas” a true statement and to the scores of people in between who’s messages, chats and friendship make my world an amazing place to live.

It is for all of these reasons, that I cannot wait to see what this year brings – I have a feeling, this one, just may be my favorite-est yet. Thank you, the presence is present plenty.



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